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AIDC is an autonomous, accrediting agency, a private association assessing private training and coaching institutes offering technical, professional, and vocational coaching and training services and programs.As we know, accreditation plays an important role in survival and success of an institute. It is a seal of authentication, a benchmark of excellence for an institute validating to people who wish to avail of their services, that the institute has qualified professors, appropriate study material and course modules to offer superior educational environment for students enrolling with them. Besides, it also has suitable equipment and technology, and abides by policies with regard to recruitment and admission.

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Accreditation Approval Notification Duly Conveyed to Institute:

After accreditation decision is finalized, the AIDC board formally notifies the institution within 15 days. If the AIDC has rejected the case, or has decided to withdraw Accreditation from existing institute for any reason what so ever, the institution is notified in this case also, albeit along with a statement clarifying the reasons for rejection. Rejected institution has a right to appeal or request reconsideration of the decision to the AIDC board.The AIDC takes such hearings on a priority and does all that is within its reach to resolve the issue. If an institution is denied accreditation or if accreditation is withdrawn, in such a situation it is mandatory for the institution to reapply after a period of one year from the date rejection or denial decision. After one year such institutes can apply afresh, with fee, new and latest documentation at all.