• AIDC volunteer Amar Bhende won 1st prize in elocution competition organized by Ministry of Health on International AIDS Day. Rajesh Kumar & Shruti Raut won 3rd Prize jointly in the same competition.
  • AIDC volunteer Ku Rohini Sharma won 2nd Prize in Rangoli completition in Inst. Level Camp at Amgaon.
  • AIDC volunteer Chachin. Pooja Meshram won Best Anchor prize in Inst. Level Camp at navegaon Devi.
  • Ku. Shiwani Erkhede & Ku Rakhi Thakur won Best volunteer prize at navargaon.
  • Ku. Ashwini Deulkar won best dancer prize in Inst. Level Camp at Takarkheda
  • Ku. Sapna Zade won best group Lender prize at Takerkheda
  • Ku. Samiksha Rangari & Ku. Twinkle Khapre jointly won 2nd prize in Institution level Camp at Ranala in Poster competition. Ku. Gargi Satphade won the 3rd Prize here.
  • Shubham Pujari won Best volunteer prize at Navegaon bandh Inst. Level camp.
  • Ku. Pallavi Rahangdale Participated in Republic Day Ranade at Mumbai on 26th Jan. 2006.