The IQAC was established on 29th April 2005 presently it is constituted as:

  1. Dr. K. Roychoudhury, Officiating Principal and Chairman
  2. Dr. K. Roychoudhury, Co-ordinator
  3. Dr. M. N. Ghoshal, CEO member from management
  4. Shri. Ashok Kumar Bhatia, Director Development, member from management
  5. Dr. Vivek Chandnani, member from person of imminence
  6. Dr. Ms. V. N. Ramteke, Teacher member
  7. Dr. M. B. Bagade, Teacher member
  8. Dr. S. R. Dahat, Teacher member
  9. Dr. T. V. Choudhury, Teacher member
  10. Dr. P. R. Dhongle, Teacher member
  11. Shri. Swapnil Rathod, Registrar as Administrative Head
The institutional policies with regards to quality assurance are.
  • To develop strategies for the improvement in the performance of the faculty and students for the overall improvement of the institution
  • To renovate and upgrade the existing facilities so as to achieve excellence in academics, sports and cultural activities
  • To promote and motivate faculty members for research
  • To develop infrastructure commensurately with the present day demands.